Get Even With Your Upstairs Neighbor

I got two , one in my living room corner && one in my bathroom lol.. TRUST ME they will get the message…

Richie Johnson

About Ceiling Thumper?

The Ceiling Thumper is a Chinese invention, consisting of a device that transmits vibrations or rhythmic noise to alert upper neighbors of their noise problem.

There are two versions of the ceiling thumper avaialbe in our warehouses.

The vibrations model and a version that includes both vibrations and tap modes.

Christopher maring

Holy shit I could’ve used this when I was younger, my neighbors were horrible!


Love mine , it’s no fun when the rabbit has the gun.

pope michael

I got mine the other day. Trust me when I say this is louder than the neighbors

Ready to get started?

Don’t be left out, get even with your upstairs neighbors now!!!